Sunday, 1 June 2014


6 weeks… and almost 20 exams! Scary right? I’m no genius but isn't it common sense that this combo would only lead to DISASTER! Well I’ve hit mine: I’m always tired, stressed and not to mention HUNGRY!!! So far I have completed 11 exams and have 10 more to go. It’s scary when people go on and on and on about how important these exams are when really they are just a stepping stone to the next stage of your life.
Man, these exams are hard but I don't know why I just can’t pick up my notes and revise. Whenever I pick them up, I'm just like ‘NO I can do it tomorrow’ and when I get to tomorrow I continue to put it off! I complain about the time i have left and then waste more time doing random stuff! I leave everything so last minute - I’m probably not the only one! Right? I know I could do better but I’m just sooooooo lazy.

Academia has always been something that I have always been insecure about. Is it just me or do you guys get judged on what you get in your exams? People go around asking each other how they did whilst subtly making you feel bad or self conscious. Whilst other patronise you when you haven’t done well. I agree that exams are an important part of a person’s life as it is a step closer to becoming an adult by learning key skills and important life lessons but is it fair to test everyone on the same criteria? I came across this quote ‘Everyone is genius. But if you judge a fish based on it’s ability to climb a tree… it will live its whole life thinking it’s stupid.’ This quote inspires me so much! Someones ability can be seen in many ways!

Ever since I can remember, people around me always felt the need to judge people on whats written on a piece of paper…not considering other talents that they had like drawing or acting or singing. People are so judgemental! We live in a world where people would judge you based on your academic capabilities instead of the potential that you have. People could be just as smart as others, but there are so many barriers that could restrict someone from achieving the same goals. There may be things going on at home, influence from others or even insecurities within themselves which can be stopping them from reaching the destination at which they want to get to. 

We talk about confidence and how important one’s confidence is but people who are confident slowly get broken down by feeling down about what other people think of their “academic abilities”. I doubt my academic abilities because certain barriers left me grades below my potential however one of the reasons why I wanted to create a blog, is to learn through a medium that lets me explore and have fun. It’s not all about the grades that you achieve at the end of the 2 years but its about how much you’ve developed as a person. I remember, this teacher once told me: “it’s not about the destination but about the journey you embarked on”. And this is my journey…

So… I just wanted to say that whether you’re in the same situation as me or not, try your best in these exams and as long as you’ve tried your absolute best, even if the results you get in august aren't what you hoped for… its not the end of the world. Don’t let your results bring you down, use them to inspire you!

More to come...

Myah :)

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