Sunday, 15 June 2014


What is the definition of a perfect person? Someone who’s smart, someone who is successful or maybe someone  who’s just beautiful. 

Sometimes, the pressure from society to look, dress and act a specific way can be overwhelming. Is it necessary to be perfect to fit in? The simple answer is that you can’t. What makes you ‘imperfect’ makes you unique. No one in the world is the same and that’s the beauty of it, right? We live in a day and age where people’s appearance is what get’s judged.. Instead on what they’re like  on the inside.

As a teenage girl, I know that I’m not the only one here that isn’t completely confident with myself but as time has flown… I am learning how to accept what I cannot change. 

One thing I have always been insecure about is my face shape. I have a round face shape and very chubby cheeks. When i was a little younger, people used to always squeeze my cheeks and i found it funny! But now whenever I’d look in magazines with photoshopped girls with a defined jaw line or a heart shaped face, I would just feel bad about myself. My insecurity got so bad to the point where I would research how to have a skinnier face. I couldn’t find anything! I’d look in the mirror and hate what i see. We tend to notice the ‘flaws’ within ourselves. But eventually I learnt that we cannot change what we are born with. I figured this out  when I realised something i couldn't control was controlling my whole life. One thing I learnt over this journey of accepting my ‘imperfections’, is that no matter how insecure you are, just remember you’re not the only one

I found this quote ‘everything is beautiful but not everyone can see it’ which is so true and people should always remember. Just because you may not be the definition of ‘perfect’ that is portrayed in the media that doesn't mean that you aren’t beautiful the way you are!

So… I just wanted to say that whatever you feel insecure about, just remember that those ‘flaws’ are what makes you beautiful and unique. So learn to accept those insecurities as that’s what makes you special!

More to come,

Myah :)

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