Sunday, 26 April 2015

A levels or not...?

My first proper post, which I had written last year for my GCSE's, were about exam stress! And as it is exam season, I thought why not talk about EXAMS?!

Sometimes, getting told that how you do in exams controls our entire life can sometimes get into our heads. Does being talented or interested in what you learn at A level even matter if you don't get the best grade in it? Even the impact on how our near future will turn out (university, summer schools, confidence) is very apparent in our day to day lives. But why? Not only can this ruin our self esteem but also self worth if we are always being told that what we do in an exam is all that matters. When I was younger, I was not that great at exams. I was told that if others could get the top grades I should be getting the same grades. There's so much pressure for young people these days to get B's, A's and A*'s even though their strengths are not exams.

As a teenage girl, I know that having these expectations from you is stressful and quite scary. As I said before I wasn't the best at exams but I have been working on it. Whereas now that I have worked hard for my GCSE's and going to do my A level exams,  I am quite good at doing exams that I am prepared for. All it takes is hard work. But I know that people are better at other things.

I hope that soon the government see that there is something wrong with the education system as people aren't learning beneficial life skills for one but also they aren't reaching their potential and change as needed.

So.. I just wanted to say that I hope everyone who is doing any exams to not think of the worst. You can do it! It takes hard work and stress but it all pays off in the end.

More to come,

Myah :)

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